Blu-rays for the Weekend: Logan

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are back in the latest film in the X-Men franchise: Logan.

Jackman reprises his role as Logan – perhaps better known as Wolverine – who now lives in near isolation on the Mexican border, caring for the aging Professor X (Stewart). When a mysterious woman arrives asking for help to protect a young mutant named Laura, Logan’s efforts to stay off the radar are thwarted as he’s drawn back into action.

If you’re looking to get in the mood to watch Logan this weekend, you can’t go wrong with these three Blu-rays.


DeadpoolRyan Reynolds stars as Wade Wilson, a retired Special Forces operative who spends his days earning money as a ruthless mercenary. When he is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he enlists the help of a mysterious stranger who claims to be able to cure him. With nothing left to lose, he puts his life in the hands of a man known as Ajax, who claims to be able to force his body into mutating and healing itself. What happens changes Wilson’s life forever, forcing him to adopt his wisecracking alter ego, Deadpool.

If you’re looking to watch Logan this weekend, Deadpool is a great place to start getting in the mood, as it’s set in the X-Men universe.

The Blu-ray comes with a stack of special features, including deleted and extended scenes, audio commentaries, galleries and much more. The film is also available on Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Batman v Superman

batman v Ben Afleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Jesse Eisenberg star as two of the world’s most famous superheroes – Batman and Superman – battle it out, after Batman believes Superman has acted unchecked for too long. As the two titans clash, the evil Lex Luther emerges from the shadows and makes big plans to topple Metropolis. With humanity in peril, can our heroes put aside their differences?

The Blu-ray comes with thirty minutes of footage not in the theatrical release, as well as over two hours of extras. They include a look at the future of DC’s new cinematic heroes, a look at the history of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, as well as a deep dive into Lex Luther’s empire.

You can also get Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Ultra HD Blu-ray to see the battle in the highest definition possible.

Suicide Squad

SSSometimes, it’s good to root for the bad guys, and they don’t get any badder than Suicide Squad. Featuring an all-star cast, including Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne, Jai Courtney and Ben Affleck, the film follows a group of imprisoned supervillains – including Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Captain Boomerang – as they are recruited by a secretive government agency to fight a mysterious and powerful entity, in return for shortened sentences. The villains must unite in order to save humanity, however the ever-tricky Joker has other ideas.

Suicide Squad is available as an extended edition, offering you 13 minutes of footage not shown in the cinema. Special features include a look back at the legacy of DC’s most infamous villains, insight into how the cast got into such good shape for the film, a gag reel, and much more. The film is also available on Ultra HD Blu-ray.

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