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Happy Birthday Obama! Here are our top five fictional presidents

Get the candles out, today is Barack Obama’s 54th Birthday! To celebrate, we have listed our five favourite fictional Presidents, all of whom can be watched on Blu-ray. Do you agree? Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments!   5. President James Dale – Mars Attacks! When a bunch of pesky Martians […]

Get Hard

Blu-ray Monday – Get Hard

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a brand new copy of Get Hard. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart – comedy heavyweights in their own right – team up in this laugh-a-minute comedy about James King, a millionaire businessman who is found guilty of tax evasion and is left facing a ten-year stretch at […]

Top Gun

Blu-rays for the weekend: Catch some Cruise

The latest instalment in the Mission Impossible franchise, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, is out this weekend. Tom ‘I do my own stunts’ Cruise resumes his role as IMF agent Ethan Hunt, whose latest mission is to rid the world of the Syndicate, an evil organisation hell-bent on destroying the IMF. To celebrate the launch of […]


Get ready to Marvel at the Phase Two Blu-ray box set

When Marvel released its Phase One boxset, it was a must have for film collectors and comic fans around the world. Now, Marvel and Walt Disney Home Entertainment have announced the limited-edition, 13-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection box set. For those not in-the-know, the Marvel studio’s ethos is “it’s all connected”, with all […]


Great Scott! Get ready to go Back to the Future on Blu-ray… again

The 1985 Zemeckis/Spielberg classic is being brought straight back to the future, as Universal Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a 30th Anniversary Trilogy Blu-ray. The boxset, which is set to be released from the 21st of October (if our calculations are correct), will contain all three Back To The Future movies, plus a bonus disc […]


Blu-ray Monday – Insurgent

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a brand new copy of Insurgent, the latest film in The Divergent Series. The Divergent Series follows the story of Tris Prior, a sixteen-year-old living in a dystopian futuristic Chicago where society is divided in to five factions. Unable to conform to the qualities demanded by any […]

Star Trek Into Darkness

Blu-rays for the Weekend: New Horizons

Outer space has been a hot topic in recent weeks. I’m sure you’ve been riveted by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, which has travelled 85 years around the solar system and just beamed back images of the far-flung planet, Pluto and its large moon, Charon. To celebrate this historic turning point, why not feast on some […]


All 23 James Bond movies coming back to Blu-ray in a special edition

All James Bond movies to date are getting a special edition Blu-ray release before Spectre hits cinemas later this year. The James Bond Complete Collection compiles the exploits of the world’s most famous spy on Blu-ray and will be made available from on September 14. The set will feature all 23 films – from […]

Mad Max

Mad Max prepares to burst onto Blu-ray

Mad Max: Fury Road will be exploding onto Blu-ray on October 5th, with a limited edition collectors’ set. To mark its Blu-ray debut Warner Bros is planning an Anthology box set to bring together the four films to date and a model of Max’s car for avid film fans. The fourth outing in the Mad […]


Blu-ray Monday: The Bourne Collection

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday we’re giving away a Blu-ray chart-topper – The Bourne Collection. This is a superb collection featuring all four suspense filled Bourne films: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Legacy. It also includes UltraViolet copies of all four films, meaning you can instantly stream and […]


Blu-rays for the Weekend: Comeback films

So John Wick is hitting Blu-ray in the UK on 21st September. The thriller about a vengeful assassin coming out of retirement breathed fresh life into Keanu Reeves’ career. To celebrate the revival of Keanu’s ass-kicking credentials, we wanted to devote a weekend to comeback films. So here are a few movies, all available on […]


Minions say Bello on Blu-ray

Minions have taken the world by storm and we’ve all gone a bit mad for these banana resembling characters.  Which is why we’re so excited that Despicable Me spin-off Minions is arriving on Blu-ray in November. The film tells us how Minions, starting as single-celled yellow organisms and evolved through the ages, came to perpetually […]