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Lucy comes to our shores in Blu-ray in January 2015

Lucy, the action-packed sci-fi thriller starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, will be packing a punch on Blu-ray in January. Filmmaker Luc Besson has created some of the toughest, most memorable female action heroes in cinematic history. Lucy, like his other motion picture hits, from La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element, […]


The Boxtrolls will delight fans on Blu-ray from early 2015

As a New Year treat, quirky stop-motion animation The Boxtrolls is coming to Blu-ray on January 20th, as part of 2D and 3D Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo packs. The Boxtrolls tells the story of how a young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors, tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator. The fantasy-comedy film […]

Inbetweeners 2

Blu-ray Monday: The Inbetweeners 2

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a copy of hilarious comedy sequel The Inbetweeners 2. Will, Jay, Neil and Simon head Down Under in this sequel to the record-breaking comedy. Last time we met the Rudge Park posse, they were causing chaos in Malia, Crete. Nearly a year on, Will (Simon Bird), Jay […]


Blu-rays for the Weekend: Intergalactic adventures

Art does seem to imitate reality…or vice versa. As a space probe the size of a fridge lands on a comet after travelling 4 billion miles to reach it, Interstellar, a story about explorers travelling through a wormhole in an attempt to find a potentially habitable planet that will sustain humanity, launches in cinemas across […]


A ‘surprising cinematic experiment’: ‘Gravity’ Diamond Luxe Blu-ray edition

Warner Bros will be releasing Gravity: Diamond Luxe Edition, one of last year’s biggest hits, on Blu-ray on 10th February. The Blu-ray will feature 1080p video, Dolby Atmos sound, and three new special features including a “Silent Space Version” so fans can experience the film without music and get a sense of what the events […]


Annabelle on Blu-ray gets 2015 off to a scary start

Creepy dolls have long held a particular place in horror fans’ hearts, and the latest malevolent plaything, Annabelle, is heading to Blu-ray in January. Warner Bros’ Annabelle, a spin-off from massive horror hit The Conjuring, sees expecting parents Mia and John buy a doll called Annabelle for their soon to be born baby. But Annabelle […]


Blu-ray Monday: Guardians of the Galaxy

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a copy of Marvel Studios’ latest smash hit, Guardians of the Galaxy. From the studio that brought you the global blockbuster franchises of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, comes a new team – the Guardians of the Galaxy. This action-packed, epic space adventure expands […]

Zero Dark

Blu-rays for the Weekend: The Navy SEALs

Last week, the US Navy SEAL who claimed to fire the fatal shot which killed Osama Bin Laden broke the SEALs’ code of secrecy by appearing in an interview on Fox News. Rob O’Neill went on more than 400 missions during this 16 year career. His exploits have helped spawn at least three Hollywood films: […]


Iconic Golden Age movie musicals coming to Blu-ray

Here’s a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon: watching three iconic Golden Age films on Blu-ray: Kiss Me Kate (1953), Vincente Minnelli’s The Band Wagon (1953) and David Butler’s Calamity Jane (1953). With the new format, these old films will provide a real musical treat; an opportunity to feast on the glamour of a […]


CRRAACK! CRASH! BANG! See how good the 60’s Batman TV show looks on Blu-ray

The classic Batman TV show will delight a new generation and its somewhat older, original devotees as it heads to Blu-ray. To celebrate this wonderful meander down memory lane, Warner Bros. has released clips to show the difference of quality between the original TV show and its high definition BD remaster. Joker, watch out! Batman […]


Blu-ray Monday: Transformers: Age of Extinction

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a copy of the fourth instalment in the blockbusting Transformers franchise: Age of Extinction. One of the summer’s biggest cinematic releases, Age of Extinction picks up after the devastating events of the last film, where Chicago was practically levelled by an invasion of evil Decepticons. As humanity […]


Blu-rays for the Weekend: Ghostbusters

After years of speculation, last month it became official – Ghostbusters is returning to the big screen. But rather than pick up after the events of the first two movies, or feature the old team passing the torch to a new generation, director Paul Feig has spoken about a complete reboot with a new origin […]