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Blu-rays for the Weekend: The Mechanic – Resurrection

This weekend, The Mechanic: Resurrection, lands in cinemas across the UK, stirring up excitement among Jason Statham fans. Statham reprises his role as Arthur Bishop, a ruthless assassin who specialises in making his contract killings look like accidents. The film picks up in the years after the events of the first movie; Bishop is now […]


Ghostbusters is coming to Blu-ray!

Good news Ghostbusters fans – the 2016 remake is coming to Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray later this year. The release date is set for November 21st but pre-orders are open now.  Thirty years after first hitting the big screens, the ghouls are back! Director Paul Feig brings a fresh take to the supernatural series […]

Now you see me 2

Now You See Me 2 on Blu-ray

The Four Horsemen are back, as Entertainment One announces the Blu-ray launch of Now You See Me 2, which will be available to buy from 31st December.  Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson and Isla Fisher return as The Four Horsemen, a group of street magicians who use their skills to pull off seemingly impossible […]

Eye In The Sky

Blu-ray Monday – Eye In The Sky

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a brand new copy of Eye In The Sky, the military thriller starring Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul and the late Alan Rickman. Mirren plays Colonel Katherine Powell, a London-based military officer who’s responsible for remotely commanding a top secret drone operation to capture wanted terrorists in Kenya. […]

David Brent

Blu-rays for the Weekend: David Brent – Life on the Road

Brent’s back and on the big screen this weekend, as Britain’s most infamous boss returns in David Brent: Life on the Road. Comedian Ricky Gervais reprises the role of his most iconic character, David Brent, who was the star of BBC mockumentary comedy The Office. The new film picks up fifteen years after the original […]


Transformers to get Blu-ray transformation

Thirty years after it was originally released, Transformers: The Movie has been remastered in glorious 4K and will be available to buy as a special edition on September 13th. This classic reimagining of the popular animated TV series is set twenty years after original show aired, and sees the heroic Autobots attempt to defend their […]

Star Wars

The Force Awakens, again, as Star Wars 3D Collector’s Edition is announced

Brace yourself, Star Wars fans, because the latest film in the smash hit saga is getting its first ever 3D Blu-ray release as a special Collector’s Edition, available from October 31st. In case you haven’t already seen it yet, The Force Awakens is set around thirty years after the events of Return of the Jedi. […]

Jungle Books

Blu-ray Monday – The Jungle Book

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’re giving away a brand new copy of The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is the live-action remake of the timeless story about a young orphan, Mowgli, who is raised in the jungle by a black panther, a bear and a pack of wolves. After being forced to leave the […]


Blu-rays for the Weekend: Let the games begin

This weekend marks the mid-point of the Rio games, and what a spectacle it’s been so far. But what about when the Games shut down for the day? What will you watch? To get you in the mood for the iconic sporting event, we’ve listed our three favourite sporting movies currently available to buy on […]

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is Back on Blu-ray

Good news for Jason Bourne fans – the latest installment in the thriller franchise will be available to buy on Blu-ray from 5th December. Matt Damon resumes his role as Jason Bourne, an ex-CIA operative who was pulled out of open water and onto a fishing boat with no memory of who he is. The […]


Choose Pokémon on Blu-ray!

Do you consider yourself a Pokémon Go master? Have you well and truly caught Poke-fever? Well good news – on November 14th, you’ll be able to get the first three Pokémon movies on Blu-ray as part of a special collector’s edition. Relive the classic adventures of Ash – a Pokémon trainer – and his friends […]

Sing Street

Win Sing Street on Blu-ray – out now on Blu-ray and DVD

For this week’s Blu-ray Monday, we’ve teamed up with Lions Gate International to give four of you the chance to win a copy of Sing Street. Read on to find out more… Get your shoulder pads out and your leg warmers on and transport yourself back to the 80’s as Sing Street is out on […]